26 Oct, 2014

Acute Stomach Pain & Inability to Eat Food

I am a 60 yrs old housewife.I have had my gall bladder removed in 1985 and underwent weight loss (laparoscopic bariatic) surgery in 2007.I get very acute pain in my stomach periodically and even the drinking of water hurts.This lasts for 2-3 months,leaving me frustrated & depressed.Clinical tests don't reveal any serious abnormality..other than suspected very hyper acidity,gastritus,etc.I want to avoid allopathy now.Please advise.Thx.

--   | Ajita Singh

30 Oct, 2014
Please do not worry too much about the condition as it does not seem to be serious. Before I suggest a line of treatment, I shall require to understand whether you have any history of Diabetes, Blood Pressure or Thyroid and if you are on any medication for the same. Also let me know if you are on any other medication apart from the above. Once I have understood this, I shall get back to you. Kind Regards,
31 Oct, 2014
I do not have diabetes,or,any thyroid problem.My high BP is under control with medication (atenol & amplilodapine5 & losarten).The stomach discomfort is mostly after eating,and,I vomit phlegm & froth.Further,there is a liquid discharge seen coming out of my navel for 2-3 weeks now.

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