02 Oct, 2015


MY SON 7 YR OLD IS SUFFERING FROM HYPO THYROID SINCE BIRTH AND ON MEDICATION 125 mg Thyronorm,is there any mddicine or cure possible in AYURVEDIC OR HERBAL MEDICINE (I HEARD Aprajita herb for thyroid)


14 Oct, 2015
In view of nature of your son’s disease, we must take steps to increase and maintain metabolic fire. This can be achieved as follows- 1) Avoid food articles heavy to digest e.g. fermented items(idli/dhosa/dhokla etc.); besan-maida made items(wada- pav/samosa/bread etc.) 2) Avoid curd as it blocks the body channels and hamper metabolism but can consume chaas (butter milk)twice a week. 3) Use 1 year old grains for making roti, rice. Avoid pulses except moong, matki. Avoid Presure cooked food. 4) Use green leafy vegetables, dudhi, kaddu, taroyi etc. 5) Avoid cold drinks and cold water. Prefer Luke warm water. 6) Avoid nonveg food especially chicken. 7) Avoid bread. If unavoidable toast it. 8) Avoid day sleeping, prefer early to bed and early to rise. 9) Most important, make a habit of daily exercise specially Suryanamaskar. This is so beneficial that it helps to increase the digestive power, alleviates lethargy, trigger activeness. 10) Ask your child to do gargle twice a day, one in the morning, after tooth-brush and another at bed time, with a glass of Luke warm water mixed with a pinch of salt and 1/4th tsp. turmeric powder. Apart from this mixture you can also add 1/4th tsp of Triphala powder for gargling. Such modifications of diet and daily activities will definitely help to improve health.  We have also searched for Aparajita, as what you had come to know from someone but we have not found such kind of reference or a published research article that can emphasise on this opinion.  As far as the Ayurvedic medications are considered it will be better if you take an appointment of nearby Ayurvedic Child Specialist or you can visit senior doctor at our Ghtakopar clinic. For an appointment contact on this No.-9867273435  Meanwhile continue with the ongoing treatment  Don’t hesitate to call in future for any question or inquiry. Thank you.

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