07 Nov, 2016

dry cough from 20-25 years

my mother has dry cough problem from 20-25 years, doctor tell her it is allergic cough , but no medicine relief more than 8-10 days , what i can do , which medicine i buy for my mother

--  Ear, Nose & Throat | tejinder singh

13 Jun, 2017
Dear tejinder singh, Please consider the following treatment regimen for your mother; 1) Sitopaladi churna 1 gram along with honey 2 times a day to be taken for 3 months 2) Heat til oil along with saindhav to lukewarm temperature .Apply it all over the chest,neck,nose.After that do fomentation on oil applied parts with the help of lukewarm sand poultice. 3) consider kapalbhanti exercise.

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